Smart Science

Smart Science

By combining the measurement techniques of a hands-on lab with the technology of an online lab system, the scientists at Smart Science Education have created something amazing!

Each Smart Science lesson follows the 5E pedagogy, starting with an engaging video, a pre-quiz and some content reading, followed by a hypothesis selection. Then the student measures their own data from interactive videos, testing that hypothesis. They get tested for knowledge gain after the lab and write an online lab report to finish the lesson, writing in the content area. All lessons have lots of supporting information and historical references.

This patented technology puts the power of a hands-on lab online, on any Internet-connected device, (in over 100 languages if using the chrome browser). Using the science lab as the centerpiece of our powerful lessons stresses inquiry and discovery style learning, letting students design their solution to problems that revolve around each content standard in NGSS.

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Margaret Glendis, Assistant Principal of Mathematics, Science, and Technical Education
DeWitt Clinton High School, New York, NY

“Teachers find that using Smart Science® for science lessons increases the level of student engagement in the class. Additionally, they are able to conduct labs despite the dearth of equipment so often found in city schools.The data collection instrument Smart Science® has developed keeps the students engaged and also allows them to experience graphic and quantitative representations of real life phenomena simultaneously.”

Amer Ismael, Information Technology High School, Long Island City, NY
“The labs are wonderful. They have solved our make-up lab issues and provided great science. I can see how many labs my students have done and easily archive their lab reports. These labs are as good if not better than traditional labs.”

Sabah Ayoub Science Teacher MS 366 Brooklyn, NY: “These Labs are easy to use and provide the best solution for my middle school’s lack of science lab space. My students love the labs and it really prepares them for high school science.”

David Pelizzari, Ph.D., Senior Director K12 Inc.
“We’re glad to use the Smart Science® labs in our AP courses because of the labs’ sophisticated model for investigations, including all-important hypothesis-formulation. We’re especially pleased that students are required to gather data that isn’t inherently ‘clean’ by being canned in advance. And the support from the Smart Science® team couldn’t be better.”

Dr. Geoffrey W. Marcy, Professor of Astronomy, University of California, Berkeley:
I am deeply impressed with your wonderful Smart Science® education program. Smart Science® labs have the feel of exploratory, creative thinking so important for a young person to experience.”