Ascend Math


Meet the Math Intervention Needs of All Your Struggling Students!

Ascend Math is the only supplemental math intervention solution offering award winning video instruction and multi-modal learning covering math objectives K through Algebra II written to the Texas TEKS Standards. Ascend Math supports whole group instruction, labs, RTI, as well as one to one technology initiatives, and it’s perfect for blended learning.

Through a series of tightly targeted mini-assessments Ascend automatically creates a personalized prescriptive study plan focused on individual need, whether that’s filling math gaps quickly or building an accelerated course of study. Moving to a blend of award winning video instruction and online explorations students move through objectives quickly focusing only on what they don’t know.
Ascend Math
Students with gaps three, four or more grades below level get the help they need. Automated real-time reporting keeps you fully informed saving you time so you can focus your attention where it is most needed.

Schools across the nation report that Ascend Math is especially effective with special education students. Truly individualized study plans combined with the right motivation and ease of use features help these students make dramatic gains in relatively short periods of time.

Research shows that Ascend Math is especially effective in schools with high ESL/ELL student populations. Schools with 80% or more ELL students have seen tremendous gains. Study after study shows students using Ascend Math often gain 2 or more grade levels in less than a year.

Ascend Math is web based and fully functional on all tablets including iPad. You can be assured of progress monitoring results no matter what device is used and students get more time on task, fill gaps quickly, and get back on grade level in less time!