What We Do

Our RTI software for students at all ability levels have proven success records in Arkansas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. The impact of our carefully selected software will improve student success for those in Special Education, Dyslexia, ESL, and Dual Language Programs, as well as others not meeting adequate yearly performance.

Maximum Grade Improvement brings leading and award-winning educational software and professional development. Our software provides assessment, instruction and measurable gains to ensure adequate yearly progress. Maximum Grade Improvement provides teachers with effective materials, excellent training, and service.

Founded by an educator with over 35 years experience in K-12 classroom and in marketing and training of educational products, we know that all students at any age can achieve educational goals. Our technology and training will bring assessment and instruction to every student so that adequate yearly progress can be achieved.

We, at Maximum Grade Improvement, have long recognized not only the academic benefits to using our software but also the added value including:

*Engaging Formats

Current research supports the game theory which is embedded in several of our software solutions both as a reward for successful learning and for actual instruction and practice.


This is especially important for older students who will do nothing in a classroom to risk embarrassment, but with one-to-one computer-aided instruction there is no fear. There is neither peer pressure nor embarrassment, so students are willing to work without fear of others knowing their weaknesses. Small increments of success lead to more success.

*Improved Classroom Behavior

Students have a desire to use our engaging and motivational software. By providing students a path to success in an engaging format for learning, classroom behavior improves.


On-going progress monitoring and measurable improvement give both students and teachers a guide to more and more success.