For over seventeen years, success has been the only option for parent company Texas Educational Solutions of Austin, Texas.

Maximum Grade Improvement (MGI) in Arkansas, New Mexico and Oklahoma follows that path to ensure more students succeed with our innovative, interactive and motivating standards-based instructional software.

Our well-supported technology provides reading, math, science, and social emotional learning programs that will measure student progress and enhance student engagement and motivation. Our software solutions provide teachers and students with a personalized learning plan, common language and best practice so that every teacher can be “a best teacher to all students.”

As a Sole Source provider of cost-effective, evidenced-based educational software, we provide programs to supplement core academic and behavioral instruction. Our carefully selected software solutions offer individualized instruction and progress monitoring that remain essential to leveling the academic playing field. Our computer-based programs address the needs of Pre-K through Adult students over a wide array of educational disciplines and use interactive content to engage students in cross-curricular learning. Our programs adapt the level of challenge to each student based on learning progress, and they align to state standards.

MGI prides itself with experienced educational consultants and professional development specialists who are dedicated to supporting our customer focus. Our team of Educational Consultants from across the state provides school districts with highly customized prescriptions for success based on regional/district needs and norms. Our focus on student success allows us to cater to rising expectations as well as to diminishing district resources from the state. To implement our effective technology-enabled instructional programs our customized Professional Development targets appropriate learning standards and student needs. We ensure that teachers will have the resources necessary to reach individual student achievement goals.